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Bombchu Bowling Alley You can find the Bombchu Bowling Alley in Hyrule Marketplace, opposite the Bazaar and Potion Shop.

For 30 rupees a round, you are give ten tries to take out three targets.

He has a total of 10 Magic Beans to sell you that increase in price by 10 rupees after each purchase, from the first costing 10 rupees to the final one costing 100. Each Magic Bean can be planted in one of 10 Soft Soil locations in Hyrule.

These sprout in Adult Link's time creating Bean Platforms.

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After you climb the vines and sneak past the gate, look for a lone boulder on the right side.We've said it before, but our favorite application for 3-D--really, the only venue in which we don't hate it--is gaming. It's a dual-screen portable gaming system, the latest of many iterations of the Nintendo DS (others: the DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS). It also has two cameras on the rear for taking 3-D pictures or playing augmented-reality 3-D games, plus one in the front for video chat. The 3-D, when you've got it aligned right (about a foot to 18 inches away, looking head on--here's more on that), works surprisingly well. The physical size is actually much more comfortable for normal-adult-sized hands than the original 3DS, and I think the design is much better--cleaner, rounder. But neither is the Play Station Vita, and neither is a Kindle, for that matter.Nintendo just released the 3DS XL, basically a bigger version of the glasses-free 3DS we reviewed here, and it's great. This one takes the 3DS, with its glasses-free 3-D top screen and touchscreen bottom screen, and enlarges it--the top screen went from 3.53 inches (small! It has Wi-Fi to download games and do a little social networking and other web stuff. You get the "stuff flying at you" effect and the "this stuff is further away than that stuff" effect, and the increased screen size is really welcome. The Select, Home, and Start buttons have also been improved. The bigger screen is definitely an improvement, but it also retains the same resolution, which can make things look more pixelated. We bet you're itching to get started on Link's giant adventure of epic proportions.

If you're looking for the Master Quest Walkthrough, that has its own dedicated section on the navigation bar. Zelda and Impa race out of the castle on a horse and Zelda throws the Ocarina of Time into the water near the drawbridge.

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