Accommodating students with autism

20-Aug-2017 09:18

Strategies for accommodating ASD students in GPE have caught my attention as a future physical education teacher because in my old high school, ASD students were not included in GPE.ASD students were mostly kept separated and away from the non-disabled students.The only time ASD students were around other students, was during their lunch period.As future physical educator, if there are any students with ASD or other disorders in my school, I will want them in my GPE class.Running Head: STRATEGIES FOR ACCOMMODATING Strategies for Accommodating Autism Spectrum Disorder Students in General Physical Education Strategies for Accommodating Autism Spectrum Disorder Students in General Physical Education This paper explores how to accommodate children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in general physical education (GPE).For a long time now, children with ASD have been separated from regular classes.You just say in one paragraph, "I taught myself to do this and there it was." And I'm trying to do that, but I can't do it myself.And then people would say things to me like, "my son can't tolerate flashing lights and I don't understand how you could work with rock and roll bands with all those lights." And I didn't know the answers right off but I thought real hard about all those questions and I decided that I should write a new book that showed through stories all of the ways in which autism has affected me, and showed how all of the facets of autism, as described in the DSM manual, manifest themselves in me, and what I did about it, and in some cases I built upon strengths and other cases I minimized a disability.

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With your help, the IEP or 504 plan team decides on these formal accommodations.Accommodating ASD students in GPE increases physical activity.This has shown to reduce stereotype behavior, increase appropriate responses and the potential for social interaction (Todd & Reid, 2006).but mostly it was just a story of me and the things I did.

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After I wrote that book, so many people came up to me and they would say things like, "I wish you could tell us how you did this or you did that in your book.

, author of Look Me in the Eye, a book about growing up with Asperger's Syndrome and finding success, is interviewed by Health Central's Jeremy Shane.