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Gilbert Gottfried told me that Joe Franklin had greeted him not with handshake but with a joke: A husband is watching television with his wife when he begins kissing her—first on the lips, then on the neck, then on the breasts and finally on her stomach. (Insert rim shot here.)That Franklin was in attendance at all, let alone getting laughs, was a big surprise to a number of people at the party, given that, in 1984, he sued Friedman for million after the cartoonist published a hilarious comic strip called "The Incredible Shrinking Joe Franklin" in magazine.The case was dismissed because the comic strip was an obvious parody, and almost 25 years later Franklin has apparently gotten over his anger.For the record, I own a couple of Drew's pieces.)The party was held on the second floor, in the Milton Berle room, and the club's dean, Freddie Roman, honored its namesake by telling the crowd a probably apocryphal story about the time that four dozen of the Friar's male members (ahem) convened in the steam room to determine once and for all who was the best endowed among them.It is no small part of comedy lore that, among show business's many swordsmen, Berle carried around the equivalent of Excalibur in his pants—something, I can tell you from personal experience, he was never shy about perpetuating while he was alive.Acosta paints the sheets white, then peels the paint of off, and then, with the dexterity of a conservator (or a counterfeiter) assembles the paint chips to recreate icons of Western art history, frame and all.

Very little was known about the work - a 33-by-22-centimetre drawing in ink, pen, chalk and wash tint on vellum - before it surfaced at the auction.Old master paintings are a black hole in the middle of our current discussion of painting. They frustrate questions of the relationship between image and surface by satisfying both, in their own way.An old master painting is both pure image, in how it’s been ingested into the collective visual memory, and pure object, in how it’s either seen as a souvenir (Mona Lisa mouse pad, anyone?) or, when encountered up close and personal, always seems darker, heavier, clunkier than you’d expect.

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In a small front gallery with exposed ductwork, Pavel Acosta (b.

But it seems the new measures, as set out in this morning, are akin to a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

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