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19-Nov-2017 18:52

(I function best on 9 to 10 hours, which I realize is a step up from a hibernating grizzly bear.) If we each got to draw up our dream bedrooms and sleeping arrangements, they would look quite different from each other.

The front door leads up steps to the first floor on which is all the current living space, firstly the living room of good size to the front of the property there is a doorway in the living room leading up steps to the loft space, on then into the kitchen with open fireplace with and door to the veranda, a hallway with double bedroom to the right and 2 smaller bedrooms to the left overlooking the land to the back of the property, at the end of the hallway a bathroom with shower, this house previously had electric and water connected.

Why did you decide to go with this particular size? Or maybe you went with a gigantic California King because you like having lots of space? If your guy has his own place, what size is his bed?

Your ex-boyfriend was tall, dark, handsome and, naturally, a complete assh*le. And good with kids, which totally causes an ovary explosion. Now, I'm sure I'm not the only girl with a healthy sex drive who has found herself between a rock and a hard place.

I don’t mean “in bed” in terms of sex; I mean the literal bed.

I have not slept as well as I once did since my husband —then my fiancé — moved in and made my bed and apartment .

(It might actually have been a move taught in self-defense classes. My husband, Kale, is learning to live with the amount of dirty laundry I singularly produce.

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I once had a friend whose mom and dad didn’t just sleep in separate beds — they had entirely separately bedrooms in the same apartment.Building sexual tension is a good thing that will lead to a little dessert in the parking lot. I don't need all 50 shades; 15 or 20 would be plenty to keep the romance alive. I bet any women can agree foreplay is the gateway to good sex. Guys often realize there are a couple go-to positions that get them to their goal. But, I also believe there is always room for improvement, and your partner should bring out the best in you. If you f*ck me standing up, you won't discover I have a third nipple or something weird. And after means you are really interested in if I enjoyed myself, which is even better.Word of precaution: If you eat boneless wings and get any kind of hot sauce, wash your hands or request a Wet-Nap. And, I have no problem awakening your primal instincts with my nails digging in your back. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, a quickie is more than satisfying. All the little things will help with production and build up to a very grand finale. When I was 5, I used to kiss my mother on the mouth and tell her I loved her, and I am sure you did, too. You love lying on your back and doing nothing, right? Missionary, doggy style, the classics, if you will. I can tell you what I love, and you can criticize the techniques I use on you. Think of it as a step-by-step for how to train your dragon.As far as I'm concerned, I am entitled to express my feelings. Don't be afraid to ask me if I like something both during or after sex.

Let me rub your leg and watch you get amped up while our chicken fingers are on their way out of the kitchen. If you want to bite me a little or grab me, go for it. Remember when you only ate chicken parm at a restaurant until you tried the fried shrimp? During would fall under the category of dirty talk, which is graciously accepted within reason.But, now that we're in our new home, we're so used to the full that we're keeping it!

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For the rest of us hopeless romantics, we can either wait to meet our Prince Charming in person or explore alternative options, like online dating. Others, like Tinder, should be avoided at ALL COSTS! Tinder is like that dark, hyena-filled territory to which Mufasa warned Simba never to go. It provides a sneak preview to your potential suitor and invites him to visit your page to learn more.… continue reading »

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