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28-Jul-2017 17:54

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This can be exhausting for any man in a relationship with them.

Most of us have dated younger women who can be extremely demanding and difficult to get along with, as they are simply less mature. OK, maybe I really wanted to do that last one, but it's tough to be ancient. "Your grandmother, once upon a time, tried online dating."I explained that, like millions of Americans, grandma had gone on to a website that introduced you to people you normally wouldn't have a chance to meet. There was Sam, the man who always wore his "lucky date" sweater his mother had crocheted for him. By the time my granddaughter starts dating, online may be a thing of the past. You may reach her at [email protected], or just yell loudly like her children do. Their favorite was simple: Could the date be worse than the fellow I met for coffee who brought his pet cat Snuffles with him in a stroller? There was Harold, the mortician with a kind smile and cold handshake. The only loss was the hour I spent dressing up and putting on makeup to go meet Harold. Lynne Taylor divides her time between the mountains and the coast."So, Nonny, how did people meet and decide to date when you were young? Add 20 pounds unless he describes himself as “could stand to lose a few pounds.” Then add 40 pounds.

Did she also want to know if I sewed the American flag? People with similar interests, people who find the same things important."So, how was that working for you in the good old days? I told her I hoped, when her time to date came, there was a better system. Yes, online dating has become the number one source of meeting new people in America. And Alan, the man with the toe fetish who asked me to take off my shoes. Then there was Gene, who actually did bring his sister on the date, since “She has so much better taste in women than I do.”Not to be completely negative. My cousin Amy met and married Glenn, who treats her like a Disney princess and accepts the 12 cats she has living in their apartment. So, dear granddaughter, if you try online dating someday, here are few words of advice from Grandma: For men, subtract two inches in height from what he lists on his profile. Photos that contain polyester suits, mullets or an El Camino do not qualify as “recent.” For women, the giveaways include giant shoulder pads, leg warmers and New Kids on the Block CD's. Ok, maybe there are a few of us out there who really would appreciate a mug that says, “World’s Best Grandma,” but, wouldn’t the rest of us like something more creative? They forget that you are still actively pursuing your passions and exploring the world.

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