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21-Jul-2017 22:04

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Successive versions of Windows (and in some cases, Internet Explorer) introduced new features and capabilities, removed other features, and generally progressed from being a simple file system navigation tool into a task-based file management system.

While "Windows Explorer" or "File Explorer" is a term most commonly used to describe the file management aspect of the operating system, the Explorer process also houses the operating system’s search functionality and File Type associations (based on filename extensions), and is responsible for displaying the desktop icons, the Start Menu, the Taskbar, and the Control Panel.

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The XML Schema Explorer is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and the XML Editor to enable you to work with XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas.I prefer using the Solution Explorer Tools extension.It allows me to work most of the time without syncying code with solution explorer.When you open an XML Schema file, the Schema Set node appears in the XML Schema Explorer.

All the included, imported, or redefined schemas for your target file, as well as any files that are referenced through an The XML Schema Explorer provides a hierarchal view of the schema set through a tree view.

Collectively, these features are known as the Windows shell.